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Black Mold Health Problems in Ann Arbor homes?

It is very important to keep mold out of your home in order to avoid black mold health problems. When mold spores are present, they quickly multiply and spread, and exposure to the spores can cause severe health concerns. In the beginning, the symptoms may start out small, but they will get progressively worse with more exposure over time.

Typical black mold health symptoms include red itchy eyes, sore throat, coughing, runny nose, congestion, skin rashes and asthma like symptoms. If mold is causing these problems they will continue to get worse and not better.

It is best to avoid mold exposure by preventing mold growth in the first place. If any area has become wet, then you should clean it up as soon as possible and completely dry the area. Mold can’t grow in a dry environment, so quickly cleaning up the mess and drying the area will help to prevent mold growth.

However, if mold growth has already started, then it is best to talk with a professional who knows how to safely clean it up. If you can visibly see mold, that means that the problem is bad enough that an experienced mold remediation specialist should be consulted. If you can’t see the mold but are having health problems, then you need a professional black mold inspection of your property to find all of the “hidden mold.”

Mold removal specialists have special training on how to properly clean up areas that have been contaminated with mold. These specialists understand the serious health effects that can occur from mold exposure, and they have specialized equipment and techniques to make sure all of the mold is removed and that it doesn’t spread to other parts of your home during the removal process. Most removal specialists will come to your home and give a free inspection and evaluation, so even if you are thinking of doing the cleanup yourself you can get some free valuable advice from an expert. You can get a list of mold removal specialists that give free home inspections in your area online at

After the mold has been removed, the home should be tested to confirm that all traces of the mold were successfully removed. The test should be done by someone other than the remediation company. For a list of trained and licensed mold testers in your area, follow the link. If any mold removal specialist tells you that a final test is not necessary, then you don’t want to use them.