Are You Allergic to Mold?

If you are allergic to mold, your doctor can prescribe medications to help decrease your mold allergy symptoms. If your allergy is severe, your doctor may refer you to an allergist (a physician that specializes in treating allergies) for shots that will decrease your body’s allergic response to mold spores.

You will also need to avoid exposure to mold as much as possible in order to prevent your symptoms from getting worse. Any mold in your home will need to be cleaned up as soon as possible. Doctors usually recommend against cleaning up mold yourself if you’re allergic to it, since the cleanup process exposes you to hundreds of thousands of mold spores that can make your symptoms much worse. Talk with your doctor or an allergist if you’re not sure if it’s safe for you to clean up a household mold problem yourself. Here is more information on removing mold from the home.

To protect your health, we recommend calling in a mold removal professional. A trained professional will know how to do the job safely, without exposing you to excessive allergens. A professional can also make sure all traces of mold are removed, even mold in hard-to-reach places (like inside walls, for example). For a list of experienced mold removal professionals in your area, follow the link. They offer free in-home consultations, so even if you aren’t sure you want to hire a professional, you have nothing to lose by consulting with one.